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About Us

We at Novasvia ("New Way") utilize our expertise, knowhow and resources to partner with our clients to achieve sustainable and successful business in Middle East. By developing and implementing the right strategies and innovative operational plans with the right teams and partner networks, at the right time.

Here at Novasvia, we are extremely proud of the caliber of our team. Without exception each member has top tier qualifications credentials. Many of our team members have more than 30 years of international business experience in Europe, Middle East, Australia, East Asia, Middle East and North America.


Novasvia is a local and well regionally situated company to provide you with knowledge and qualified understanding of making business in Middle East in terms of knowledge of the local culture, religions, history, business ethics and language. A key element in doing business in this region is creating and sustaining trust. Novasvia's deep-rooted understanding of the business environment is the right choice for any new business expansion. Additionally, we advise you how to create the trust between customers, partners and suppliers.

Industrial Sectors

Our key industrial segments are Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Smart Cities, Manufacturing Operations, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things based software products.


Our team members have been active in various business operations in Middle East since 1989. They have had several C-class management and top executive job positions in globally leading companies. Our team has also native Arabic speakers.

How do we address our Customers' Requirements?

In every business development whether it is globally or locally focused, the win-win partnerships will provide long term and mutually profitable business relationships.

Various business development alternatives are offered such as pair-to-pair commercial distribution and agent agreements, M&A, Joint Venturing, corporate foundations, IPRs licensing.

Our toolbox for various projects consists of procedures and methods such as BlueBox Questionaries’ Booklet, Success by Trials -method, RED-Project Milestoner for efficient project planning, Activity Based Costing and operational tools for Planning-Budget-Control to name a few. 

Steps for your Market Entry

  • Complete understanding of new market potential including development stage and future forecast. Giving a better view for industrial developments and financial opportunities.
  • Market attractiveness evaluation, customer and product & service segments as well as potential partnership candidates. It is preferable to focus on new innovations within the whole value chain of business operations.
  • Proof of Concept interactively with real end-customers and buyers in terms of competitiveness in content of the offering, its quality, pricing, delivery times and local customer support.
  • Pilot project evaluations, commitments for deliveries and performance reviews with selected partners. Planning full-scale operations with human resources and financial investments.
  • Planning and implementing everyday business operations as well as financial and legal circumstances for long term full-scale operations.

We can help you in your Market Entry project delivering tangible results according to a mutually agreed plan.

Novasvia is also working in a close partnership with Business Finland Ltd and TwoSides Project Management LLC. and



Middle East, as the target marketplace, provides a major potential option for long term successful business operations. The marketplace is highly demanding in terms of cost competitiveness, legal, business ethics and cultural differences. Target marketing countries are the Gulf Countries (GCC), Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Market Entry Facilitation 

Operating within the whole Middle East region. Everything starts from deep understanding of the marketplace, business environment, Government and related authorities regulations, customer requirements and testing the Proof of Business Case.

Consultation for Business, Strategy and Operations 

Starting from the whole value-chain from sales & marketing, delivery fulfillment and life-cycle customer services. As well as TQM specifically for ISO 9001 and ISO 10001 set up and accreditations.

Regional Partnerships and Management of operations 

Including but not limited to the regional products and services by promotions, sales & marketing and deliveries with regional distribution partners and sales agents. Creating comprehensive distribution networks for the products and services. Efficiently reducing expansion costs and time.

Mergers and Acquisitions 

With Novasvia you will have complete and full access of experienced advice and arrangement of M&A, regional Private Placements, Joint Ventures.

Product and Process Development 

Stemming from our team’s deep-rooted knowledge of the requirements (regulations) in Middle East, we can support to localize the products and processes of our clients.

Business Advisory, Board Membership 

We provide management support for the everyday business operations and governance as well as strategic advices at the corporate level by joining as the member of the Board of Directors.


Novasvia has our mission to help Western companies to enter the developing markets in the Middle East region. Suitably located in Dubai -the Middle East regional business HUB. Various business models have been tested and verified to be successful in some of our Market Entry projects. Dubai is also the key entry point to the GCC Custom region.

Market potential is extremely large; demographically the whole area falling within less than a four hours’ flight radius from Dubai has population of more than 3 billion people. As serious partners, we have given recommendations for regional market entries to tens of Western companies. There is a huge demand for new technologies to be utilized into use as well as a wide opportunity to set up industrial manufacturing companies and operations.

Contact us and let us for more details and information for you to realize your potential business success for the years to come.

Hannu K. Kulju

Hannu K. Kulju

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Abeer Zarour

Abeer Zarour

Chairman of the Board
Ms. Reem Zarour

Reem Zarour

Partner; Jordan, Iraq
Dr. Montaser Kassem

Montaser Kassem

Partner; Health Care

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